How the Mets are trying to keep their Metley contract from getting too long


A Metley trade is coming, with the Mets likely to acquire outfielder Jose Abreu and shortstop Francisco Cervelli.

It’s the latest development in a busy offseason that included the departure of outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and the acquisition of third baseman Travis d’Arnaud.

Here are five takeaways from the latest news from the Mets offseason: How did the Mets get so good?

The Mets have a history of winning titles with a small payroll.

They have been a top-heavy team with a handful of homegrown talent.

They’ve spent big on veterans like Aaron Judge and Tyson Ross, but they’ve also added some talent from overseas.

The Mets are one of the best teams in baseball and they’re looking to add a superstar.

They got some help in that regard in the signing of Abreus and the addition of Cespedis.

Abreua is the Mets’ top offensive prospect and Cespedas has been a major league All-Star at shortstop.

The three will help the Mets in all areas, but Abreauu is the most important.

He has a career .271/.343/.444 line with a career-high 32 home runs.

Cespeda is hitting .304/.360/.477 with a .918 OPS in 521 games.

He’s also coming off a .305/.362/.484 line with 34 homers and 100 RBIs in 479 games.

All three will be valuable assets in the front office, especially Abreavu, who has a $21 million option for 2021.

Why the Metley deal?

The Metley signing could come with the team needing to address a few holes at first base.

After all, the Mets have plenty of holes in their infield, especially at first.

The team was also short in pitching last season.

They need some help up the middle.

If the Mets can find a way to get some of those guys to the big leagues, then the team could be in great shape.

It will also help to have some outfield depth at the position.

The Metleys infield was one of baseball’s most impressive in 2016.

The left-handed hitting Justin Upton led the majors with 25 homers.

They were also the only team in the majors to have at least 20 players hit at least .300 in the outfield.

It was a strong group.

If Metley can find the type of help that he was looking for in the middle of the order, he could help the team improve in that area.

Will Cespedi be in the Mets rotation?

While Cespedia has been one of MLB’s best first basemen, it’s not like he was the only big league first baseman who struggled to keep the job.

The Yankees had a similar situation when they signed Masahiro Tanaka to a four-year, $42 million contract last offseason.

Tanaka was great, but it didn’t help his cause.

The Cubs signed Carlos Carrasco to a three-year deal and had one of their top starting pitching prospects, Kyle Hendricks, struggling to find a role.

The Red Sox and Pirates were also without their top pitching prospects and they struggled to find consistency.

Cespeni will be in a tough spot to start the year, but he has been solid with the bat.

He leads the majors in batting average (.340), on-base percentage (.721) and slugging percentage (.817) and leads the NL with 11 home runs and a .994 OPS.

He should be able to hold down the first base job for a long time and the Mets will get to work with him.

Who is Francisco Cevitelli?

Cevityli was a late-round pick by the Mets when they took him in the third round of the 2013 draft out of Cuba.

He hit a career high of .305 with 29 home runs last season and finished second on the team in OPS with 1.037.

He was named to the All-Rookie Team.

The 31-year-old Cevishli is a switch-hitter who plays shortstop and second base.

He had a career year in 2016 with an .857 OPS in 937 games.

Cevizli hit .322/.397/.526 with 29 homers and 97 RBIs and was the Mets top second baseman in 2016, batting .310/.375/.532.

How much does Cespedic get?

Cerveci was signed for $15.5 million over five years.

He’ll make $13 million this season.

The deal includes a $1 million signing bonus and $2.5 of every $5 earned on the signing bonus goes to the Mets.

The club will pay Cervecci $7 million in 2017.

What’s the deal with Aaron Judge?

The 29-year old Judge has been the Mets biggest trade chip this offseason.

He could be the

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