Which cities are the hottest in New York today?


With the sun setting over Central Park, the streets of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York City metro area is on fire.

In this infographic, we break down the hottest metropolitan areas in the United States today based on the hottest days of the week.

The top 10 hottest metropolitan regions in the US today include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Austin, and Washington, DC.

Here are some of the cities that are trending hotter and the reasons why.

New York City: The New York metropolitan area has the hottest temperatures, which are expected to continue through Wednesday, with a record high of 97 degrees.

The hottest day of the year so far is Sunday, when the temperature topped 96 degrees.

The city has seen record-breaking heat in recent weeks.

On Sunday, temperatures hit 106 degrees.

As of Monday, New York is on track to have a heat record breaking 101 degrees on Wednesday.

Chicago: On Saturday, the city recorded its hottest day on record with 105 degrees.

On Monday, the temperature was 108 degrees.

Temperatures in Chicago are expected continue to be high as of Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The city recorded a record heat of 107 degrees on Saturday.

On Tuesday, it recorded 106 degrees, the highest temperature in Chicago’s history.

The heat wave that hit the Midwest last month is expected to resume.

Temperatures are expected near record highs on Monday, according the Chicago Sun-Times.

On Monday, temperatures in Chicago will reach 109 degrees.

In New York: On Monday night, temperatures reached 106 degrees in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, it reached 107 degrees.

On Thursday, it will hit 108 degrees, according a report by the Weather Channel.

On Friday, temperatures will reach 106 degrees at the Statue of Liberty, which will be open until 11 p.m.

New Orleans: The city of New Orleans recorded its first ever heat wave of the season on Monday night with temperatures reaching 104 degrees.

This was the hottest day in the city’s history, surpassing its previous record set in August 2016.

The weather was so hot on Monday that it led to a major flooding event in the French Quarter.

The water level was so high that the area was declared a disaster area, according CNN.

New Mexico: New Mexico’s hottest day is expected Wednesday with a high of 103 degrees.

It was also the hottest night of the month with a heat wave in the high 90s.

On Friday, it was 104 degrees in Albuquerque.

On Saturday, temperatures are expected hit 104 degrees at one of the largest public events of the summer.

Tempers are expected on Monday to reach 108 degrees at El Centro Plaza, which is located in the middle of the city.

In Houston, Texas, temperatures recorded a high in the mid 90s on Saturday, according The Weather Channel, while high winds were recorded on Sunday.

Houston has been experiencing the hottest summers in the country this summer.

The National Weather Service issued an extreme heat warning for Houston on Sunday, as the mercury was as high as 101 degrees.

Houston is a hotbed for extreme heat, and has been on a heatwave since June.

Temperments in the Houston area were recorded at 104 degrees on Monday.

On Sunday, Houston was hit with a severe thunderstorm warning for up to 10 days.

The weather system has been producing strong winds and rain, the Weather Service said.

New Jersey: New Jersey recorded its second-hottest day of 2017 on Monday with a temperature of 108 degrees on the East Coast.

On Saturday night, it also set a record with its hottest temperature.

Temps in the state hit 108 on Sunday and reached 107 on Monday in Camden, according Weather Underground.

New Hampshire: The state recorded its third-hittest day on records with a low of 108 on Saturday night.

Tempe, Arizona, also had a record low, with temperatures at 104.3 degrees on Sunday morning, according meteorologist Tim Shorrock of The Weather Network.

Templates for the rest of the country are expected as high temperatures continue to roll through.

On the East coast, temperatures could reach 107 degrees, while in the Midwest and Plains, temperatures were recorded as high in Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, according ABC News.

Temperate regions in California, Florida, Texas have also experienced extreme heat this summer, with the San Francisco Bay Area record high at 101 degrees at 2 a.m., according to NBC Bay Area.

The Midwest and Northeast are also expected to be hot, with highs in the Northeast hitting 105 degrees in Michigan on Sunday with temperatures expected to hit 106 in New Hampshire on Monday as well, according CBS.

The temperature in the South is expected in the region of 95 degrees, CBS reported.

Temples have been scorching across the country, with parts of Arizona, Arizona’s capital city Phoenix, experiencing extreme heat on Sunday night.

The temperature in Phoenix was 105 degrees on Thursday, according Meteorologist Brian B