When you’re naked, you’re sexy


When you find yourself naked in public, it can feel like the world is watching you, and your body is the one being watched.

But what if you find your own body sexy, too?

What if you’re the one in the room watching yourself?

Meet artist Mieke van Dijk.

Miekel van Dijke has created erotic art with her naked body, which she calls met art.

You can see more of Mieker’s art on her website.

Her nude body is alluring, she said, because it has the power to make you feel good.

She’s interested in making art with bodies that are a bit more reserved, a bit closer to what she calls “an erotic body.”

“I think of it as a mirror,” she said.

“I think that’s what it is, and I think it has this power to help me create this image.”

For the past three years, Miek has been living a life of constant transformation.

She is the owner of a tattoo shop, where she draws and paints the artwork on her skin.

The business is a way for her to connect with her body, and to give her an outlet for the things she’s learned from her previous tattoo business.

“When I first started, I didn’t really have an outlet,” Mieket said.

Now she has an outlet that is not only about her body but about her life.

Mies skin is covered in a tattoo, which is her identity and the name she uses to call herself.

It’s an expression of who she is.

“I wanted to give people a sense of who I am.

I wanted to be like an icon of a kind of person, an artist that’s out there and doing amazing things.

It was about giving back to society and giving back the body,” Mies said.

The art is an expression for her own self, as well as for the world.

“There are times where you are really, really tired, and you don’t want to look your worst, and then you get up and it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m so tired.

Why am I still doing this?’

But it’s kind of beautiful to me, and it helps me be me,” Miet said.

Artistic freedomMiek is a very private person, but her art is always on display, and she hopes to open her studio to the public soon.

She wants to make it accessible to the general public, but she also wants it to be accessible to her artist, who has a similar set of artistic challenges.

“You can see in the paintings, it’s a little bit more intimate, but at the same time, I want to create a space where it’s not a public space.

There’s no cameras there,” Mied said.

For Mieko, art can be a means to a larger goal.

“Art can be an outlet.

I think that, for me, it really helps me to create these images and make these words and put them into the world, so that they can change things for the better,” Miat said.