Apple to add a new measurement meter for Apple Watch


Apple will begin rolling out a new meter on its Watch in early December, a new source tells The Verge.

The new meter will be an option in the Watch’s settings for measuring heart rate, respiration rate, and other metrics.

Apple Watch users will be able to see their heart rate and respiration rates in the settings, and the new meter is only available for the Apple Watch 3 and 4 models.

Apple is also introducing new watch faces on the Apple Watches App.

Those new faces will be compatible with iOS 11, which makes them compatible with all Apple Watch apps.

The new Apple Watch faces will have “a heart rate feature” that will measure your heart rate while you’re viewing them.

The heart rate will be displayed in meters, and you can also use it to tell if you’re breathing deeply or shallowly.

Apple also announced a new “smart watch” feature that will let you see when you’re wearing an Apple Watch and how it’s performing.

This will allow you to set a specific time for when you get up from your desk and move to a different location.

Apple’s Watch is expected to debut in March.