Why was the ad for Zendaya’s ‘Masters of Sex’ so controversial?


The ad for a female-fronted HBO drama has been widely criticized for featuring a black woman’s voiceover over a male actor’s.

The ad, which was filmed at the Golden Globes in January, depicts two women — one of them a black actress — singing together while a black male voiceover accompanies the pair.

The voiceover is written in the script by comedian-actor-turned-comedian Adam Hartley.

It features a black man, who is described as “slightly more assertive,” and a white woman, who’s described as more “feminine.”

The two women, who have never appeared together before, are seen talking on a phone and drinking coffee while they sip coffee and smoke cigarettes.

The two are interrupted by the voiceover, which states, “It’s no secret that you’re not really in love.”

The ad has been met with criticism on social media, with some saying it was insensitive.

Others have called it “racist,” and said the ad showed “how women are still viewed as second-class citizens in America.”

The Black Lives Matter movement has long called for greater police accountability for police brutality, and Hartley, who starred on the Emmy-nominated series “Blackish,” has frequently spoken out against racial injustice in the United States.

Hartley, however, said he was “really surprised” to see the ad on social networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The HBO show, which premieres in May, is the first female-led drama to be shown on the network.

It stars Emily Blunt, a Black woman, and Amy Brenneman, a white man.