How to buy a Nike Air Max 350 for under $500


The Nike AirMax 350 is a mid-level sneaker that will be on sale in the coming weeks, and it’s a great sneaker for a few reasons.

It’s one of the best sneakers on the market right now, and for under the $500 price point, you can buy it for less than a year.

Plus, the shoe is a great choice for someone who wants a pair of shoes that will last a long time.

Here’s how to buy one of these for under that price.


Find out if you want to buy an Air Max in the US or Canada: Nike’s official US store will have a listing for the Air Max at $300-$400.

Nike Canada will have it at $350-$400, while Nike UK will have the shoe at £350-$425.

The price of the shoe varies depending on the region, but you can usually find the shoe for less there.


Check out the specs: Nike Airmax 350 in a white, matte black, and red.

Nike Airmiles 350 in black, grey, red, white, and black.

Nike Zoom 350 in grey, black, white and red, and Nike Zoom 500 in white and black, all in a metallic grey and blue colorway.

Nike has also added the Nike Zoom Prime to its line of sneakers, which is the next-generation of the AirMax, which was released in 2016.


Check to see if you qualify for a rebate: Nike will offer an AirMax rebate for customers who pay under $5,000 for a pair, or under $30,000 if they buy a pair for under five times that amount.

There’s also a rebate for buyers who buy a shoe at $50,000 or more.

If you want a shoe that will not break in or have long-lasting rubber soles, then you can expect to pay more.


Check the size: The AirMax is one of Nike’s smallest shoes, and the shoe measures 10.5 inches high by 6.25 inches wide, and 13.5 ounces by 2.25 ounces.

Nike’s retail partners will also offer you a discount if you order a pair at that size, and they offer that discount to all US and Canadian customers.


Look for a discount: Nike is offering a rebate of up to 50% off the retail price of an AirMiles 350.

That’s up to $25 off retail for each pair of AirMile shoes, which makes it a good deal if you’re buying a pair with a Nike retailer.

The shoe will retail for $299.99 on Nike’s US website and $249.99 for the UK site.

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