How to tell if a beer is over 90% ABV (in 3 easy steps)


The Guinness World Records have announced a new way to know if you’re drinking too much beer.

The Guinness World Book of Records has named the new barcode system it will use to track beer.

It will be used by all beer brands in 2018 to track the alcohol content of beer on sale, as well as other products. 

The new system will work by tracking the amount of alcohol in a beer by counting the letters A through F, as opposed to the previous system that used letters B through G. “This new barcodes will help us track beer accurately, and we’re excited to bring this new approach to beer to all of our beers,” said Guinness World Beverages President, Matt Smith.

“It’s not just about beer, it’s about the future of beer.”

The new bar codes will also make it easier for beer drinkers to track their consumption in a bar.

“With the new system, beer drinkers will no longer have to rely on the old system of tasting a beer to know how much beer they’re drinking,” said Smith.

The new systems will be available on all of Guinness World Barcode stations.