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METS is the national health agency that runs the national benchmark for health and wellbeing, and it’s in charge of providing data for all Australians.

The Meters Health and Wellbeing program collects and aggregates data from nearly 1.4 million people across Australia every year.

The data is used to assess health and safety in the community, help Australians understand how to manage their health and help develop health and wellness programs.

The program is supported by the Australian Health Practitioners’ Council and has a staff of more than 500 people across all health care, community and disability services.

The information that we collect is then used to inform and improve the way Australians manage and live their health.

A spokesperson for the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said the AHRC “does not condone the collection and use of personal data”.

“The AHRC does not condone using personal data for political purposes,” the spokesperson said.

“However, we will not tolerate any form of abuse of our privacy rights.”

A spokesperson from the Australian Medical Association (AMA) said its members were concerned about the misuse of data, and that the AMA was working with the AHCR to establish policies for protecting patients’ privacy and access to the data.

The AMA spokesperson said it was concerned by the “grave implications” of using data in the “public interest”.

“This could be interpreted to mean that individuals who are being surveyed and asked about their mental health are also being recorded and recorded in this way,” the AMA spokesperson wrote in a statement.

“The AMA will continue to support the AHCC to develop privacy policies to protect the privacy and safety of patients, as well as ensuring that the AHC’s privacy policies and procedures are compliant with privacy laws.”

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