How to use a finger oxygen meter to see how your skin feels during a met galsa performance


I feel like I’m wearing a black lab coat, which is probably a bit of a compliment.

I’m also wearing a pair of black gloves that are actually a bit uncomfortable for my hands.

I also wear a mask to cover my nose and mouth.

I wear a dark purple scarf that is actually more comfortable than a black scarf.

I can’t wear a hat.

It’s not really the right way to dress.

I am, however, wearing a mask.

When I first heard about met galos, I was surprised at how light it was, and how I actually felt a bit warmer than I usually do.

I was actually able to walk around the venue for an hour or so without the mask, which was really amazing.

The whole thing feels like an incredibly warm evening, which I think is important for people with the conditions to feel.

When I first got to the festival, I thought it was going to be a very cool night for me, but then I heard people say that it was very warm and humid.

I have never experienced anything like that before.

The weather was not ideal for the met galas, so I felt really vulnerable.

I felt kind of sad and lonely, and felt like I was doing this thing and it was really hard for me to do.

My best friend had passed away, and she died of lung cancer.

I had no other friends and I was lonely.

And so I had this sense of being completely alone.

I went to the hotel and got a mask, and I felt very secure.

It felt like it was the only thing that could make me feel comfortable.

I was so happy.

And then I got on stage.

The band is from Sweden, and it’s really great, and they’re really passionate about their music.

I got to know them really well, and the show was really special.

I didn’t feel that bad.

I remember thinking, Wow, this is really cool.

I know a lot of people are thinking, Yeah, but you’re only supposed to wear a black mask during a gala.

And the show is super chill.

I feel very confident and relaxed.

I did feel a little bit cold at first, but I got a lot better as the show went on.

I thought I would be pretty cold by the end of the night, and then I felt great.

I could tell it was a really good experience.

The first song I sang was about my experiences with cancer, and there was a lot about me being so overwhelmed with the loss of my friend and feeling like it wasn’t my fault.

The second song was a song about my friend, who died from lung cancer, so it was about the loss, and about how we’re all so lucky to have each other, and that’s why we do this.

It was very touching.

I also felt very nervous when I got onstage, but that’s because I was afraid that I might have some breathing problems or that I was going too fast or that they were going to try and choke me.

And I thought, Oh, well, that’s not gonna happen, so that’s OK.

They were super professional.

They told me to go as slow as I could.

But when I did get on stage, I just felt so calm and so relaxed, and at the end, I had a lot more energy than I normally do.

I actually had a really bad headache, so there was nothing I could do about that.

I just had to make sure I kept my head up and I wasn’t really worried.

I kept doing the same things I normally did.

I didn’t think about it, because it’s all about being in a good mood.

I think it’s a big part of the show, and you’re doing your best to perform, and everyone’s giving you the most incredible support.

They are just really excited about what you’re able to accomplish and what you can achieve in this show.

It’s really important to be able to breathe normally when you’re performing.

So I got really lucky and the lights were bright.

But it’s also important to have a mask because there’s a lot going on in the music, and having a mask helps you breathe, too.

And if you can’t breathe, it’s not a great show.

I think the biggest thing I learned was that it’s important to listen to your body and your surroundings, and be comfortable, because otherwise you’ll end up being uncomfortable.

If you can be really comfortable and listen to yourself, then you’ll be okay.

When you’re walking onstage, you’re not just doing the dance moves.

You’re doing this amazing dance that is very moving and amazing, and all of your muscles are working really hard.

You are not going to feel like you’re running in place, but when you do, it feels so natural and you can actually feel your

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