The top 10 best movies of 2016


The year is already underway.

Now, the year has its first big hit: a new movie from a Canadian director that could become a major hit on home video.

On Thursday, the Canadian film industry had its first major box office success with The Girl in the High Castle, which grossed $2.5 million in its first weekend of release.

Its release was delayed after the distributor was asked to delay it to coincide with the opening of the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2, which opened in theaters Thursday.

It’s an impressive start, but not nearly as exciting as the first installment of the Marvel Universe.

A sequel to Marvel’s 2014 hit Thor: The Dark World, The Girl In The High Castle stars Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Zendaya, Jesse Eisenberg, Elizabeth Olsen, Laura Dern and Tessa Thompson.

The film is being directed by Peter Berg (The Dark Knight) and stars a cast that includes Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper.

It has a lot of promise.

The story of a young girl who discovers she has powers after being adopted by a supernatural race and becoming an Avenger is a fun, relatable story that will appeal to a wide range of audiences, and it has a story that plays out within the film itself, with a lot more twists and turns than The Girl is used to.

The Girl also has a ton of potential, with the potential to be a great comedy and a great drama.

But the movie also has some problems, like the lack of an action hero, which could be problematic given that it’s a teen comedy.

And yet, despite the lack a star, it’s the sort of movie that could have potential in the next generation of filmmakers, given the talent that is on display in the film.

This is a movie that is meant to be shared with families, and while it doesn’t have a star in the mold of Thor or The Dark Knight, it has plenty of good talent to build upon.

And, as always, there are some great moments.

Stone is great as the young girl, and Lawrence and Eisenberg are brilliant as the parents who adopted her.

It’s a well-written film, with plenty of heart and heartiness, and a very good cast that is playing the part of parents.

The movie is also very well acted, with an actor of Stone’s calibre doing a great job as the mother.

But it’s also well-made and well-acted, with good chemistry between Stone and Lawrence, and an actress who is good as the other parents.

And of course, there’s the good cast and good script, which is the hallmark of a good Marvel movie.

The movie also stars a young actress who has a solid, nuanced performance as a teenager, who is going through some difficult times.

She is a good fit for this kind of film, and we are really looking forward to seeing more of her in future movies.

The script is also a little uneven, but it’s certainly well-executed.

There’s a lot that is new, but the movie does a great work of keeping the audience engaged.

The most interesting element of The Girl, which had a small run at the Toronto Film Festival, was the casting of an actress as the lead, a role that she did brilliantly, as well as the film’s director, Peter Berg.

It was a nice touch, and Berg did a fantastic job with it.

The first film in the new Marvel Cinematean universe, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, opened in the U.S. Friday, July 8.

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