Love Meter: The Met Art Girls, Love Meter, Smart Meter, Meta prefix


A love meter is a meter with a special value, and one can be created by measuring someone’s emotions, likes, dislikes, or even their physical appearance, to identify them.

This metric is a form of love.

While it is an indicator of someone’s true feelings, love is not only a human emotion, it is also a form that is very powerful and has been used to control people in times of crisis.

The Met Art Women’s Meter has been created by the Met Art women’s movement, which was founded in 1989 by artist and singer Masha.

It was created as a response to the Met-Art women’s meter being used by the media, particularly in the US.

The Met-art Women’s meter was created to show the difference between love and hate.

Its popularity and popularity grew with the emergence of the Internet and the growth of social media.

It is now a common tool used by millions of people in many countries to gauge one’s mood and personality.

This Met Art Meter uses the met art concept to show how different emotions can be expressed in different ways.

The meter is constructed of 12 different parts and measures a person’s mood in a very simple and elegant way.

Its simplicity is also very effective.

Its design is simple yet beautiful.

It uses the same art as the Met art women’s meters.

This meter has a very clear and simple interface, which allows for the user to easily see how each of the 12 parts relates to each other.

This allows for an easy readability, making it a very powerful tool.

Its easy to understand the meter and the data can be easily visualised.

The meter is divided into three parts.

The first is the Love Meter.

The second is the Sadness Meter.

And the third is the Joy Meter.

A love symbol is displayed at the bottom of the meter.

It indicates how happy or sad you feel.

The Love Meter is divided in 12 sections.

Each section has a different colour.

Each colour has a specific meaning to the user.

There are four different love symbols shown on the meter: blue, red, orange and yellow.

The love symbol for each section is the blue, green, yellow and red.

The Sadness Symbol for each area is the yellow, orange, blue and red, as well as the red.

Each section has an intensity rating, which is the amount of happiness or sadness you feel for that section.

The intensity rating is displayed in the colour of the section.

The Joy Meter has a red colour.

The Joy Meter is very important because it is the main indicator for how happy you feel when you see the Met Meter on your monitor.

It shows the emotional state of a person when they see the meter on their monitor.

The emotions are displayed in an easy to read format and it has three levels of intensity.

The red, yellow, and blue are the red, green and yellow levels, while the orange is the orange and blue level.

The yellow and blue levels have three values: the intensity, the feeling and the ease of reading.

The meters are easy to use and understand.

They are very clear, and easy to see.

The data is very easy to interpret and understand, as it is a combination of the emotions and the meter’s value.

The only thing left to do is to use it to find love.

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