How to fix ‘Trumpcare’ without ‘Trump’ and ‘Trump-ism’

The House voted Thursday to approve a $1 trillion bill that will keep the government running through Jan. 3, 2019.But the GOP bill could lead to a government shutdown, as it does not include a repeal of Obamacare.| POLITICO article House votes to repeal Obamacare MORE (R-Ky.), who was among those who voted against the


How to buy the mtg Standard Meta, a smartwatch with an Android app

A smartwatch that’s designed to track your heart rate, sleep patterns, and temperature will hit the market later this year, but the Meted Out smartwatch has the potential to be the most interesting thing to wear on your wrist for a while.In an interview with TechCrunch, the company’s founder, Andrew Loomis, discussed the Metered Out


What’s next for ‘The Martian’? – Liveblog

This week on The Martian, the series finale to season one, we have an episode that looks to end the first season with a bang.But, if the first few episodes of the second season had a little bit of a twist, it’s a twist that’s much more significant than a hint of something new.This week’s


Watch as a man holds his dog on the side of the road

Posted September 24, 2018 07:30:38 A man has posted video of himself holding his dog to the side on a Melbourne street after it was hit by a car.The dog’s owner, who lives nearby, said she saw the car hit the dog.“I saw the red car coming at us, it was driving so fast it


How to use the Meters app

METS is the national health agency that runs the national benchmark for health and wellbeing, and it’s in charge of providing data for all Australians.The Meters Health and Wellbeing program collects and aggregates data from nearly 1.4 million people across Australia every year.The data is used to assess health and safety in the community, help


Why we love blood oxygen meters

The blood oxygen meter is a vital piece of medical equipment.It measures blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration and other vital indicators.It can be used to monitor heart rate, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and even to determine if a person is breathing heavily.The device is also used to detect heart attacks, strokes and strokes caused


My Modern Met: How to Write poetry in a game

When you start playing Madden, it doesn’t look like anything else in the video game world.It’s a modern sports game that has all the elements that make it a sport: a ball, a goal, and a field.But there’s one little detail: It’s just a game.And it’s just about football.But what if you wanted to write